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We are Kathy and Dave, and we live in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. From our garden workshop, we design and make a wide range of Home Fragrance and Beauty products and also Sterling Silver Jewellery. If you were wondering, our brand name is simply a mash of our surnames.

You’ll find our products stocked with a variety of retailers across the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and Sussex. Offering a click and collect from Cowes, we also provide a gift wrapping service and post across the UK and Europe, transcribing your personal messages for your loved ones.

We usually offer candle making experiences through open and private workshops, but we have had to postpone these in 2020. As a close second, we offer luxe Candle Making Kits which have been hugely popular as a rainy-day activity, as birthday presents, or just as ‘I saw this and thought of you’ treats…

On our website we have a web page dedicated to our community fundraising showing our support for local charity Mountbatten Isle of Wight and detailing our partnership with Hospice UK, so please read more there about how we work with these charities - and how you can contribute.

Nothing beats a truly wonderful aroma to fill your living space and enhance your mood… Combined with contemporary styles to match your space, our candles and reed diffusers provide a soft and natural warmth in which to relax.

We started out with ChilliWinter being a hobby enterprise back in 2016 (which then included Rhubarb Gin!). Almost five years later, we have a growing business brand and identity and loyal following! We design and make a variety of mid-market Home Fragrance products and Beauty products too, alongside a Sterling Silver jewellery collection.

Wherever we can, we use vegan, cruelty-free, non GMO, ethically sourced and sustainable materials. We do our utmost to minimise waste in production, which is why we rarely provide extra wrapping, and packaging for our finished products.

We know that these really do look incredible, (we are suckers for presentation too) – but we are also committed to doing our bit to not create unnecessary waste. Most packaging that looks great is pretty expensive and usually discarded straight away – this comes at a cost to consumers and to our environment, so whilst its ‘nice to have’ it is not essential.