Isle of Wight Rocks

St Helens, the Duver

Places to Visit

There is lots to do and enjoy on this beach and in the surrounding area.  The water is nearly always calm and shallow, so it lends itself perfectly to water sports, such as paddle boarding and kayaking.  When the tide goes out, the rocks are exposed meaning it is also one of the best places on the island to do rock pooling.  

St Helens is also home to a large, unofficial walk to the fort, which happens once a year when the tide is at its lowest.    

Behind the beach, the area known as the Duver used to be a golf course, and is home to lots of history and wildlife.  The wide open flat space on the sand dunes makes for a great place to have a picnic, go for a walk or fly a kite.  There is also another grassy area right by the beach, at the northern, end to have a picnic or play football.  You can also do a walk from St Helens to Seaview on paths behind the beach or on the actual beach, tide allowing. 


- Visit the Baywatch Cafe for refreshments

- Two car parks to access St Helens beach, however, parking is very difficult during the summer months when it gets busy.  

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