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Compton Bay

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Compton Bay is on the south coast of the island and is blessed with evening sun and lovely sunsets.  It is more exposed than some of the other beaches on the island as it faces out to the English Channel.  This stretch of coast has stronger currents and bigger waves, making it good for surfing and bodyboarding but more care is needed as some currents can be strong.  

What makes Compton special, is that there is very little around apart from farms and fields.  Up from the beach, at the top of the cliff, is Hanover Point National Trust Carpark, an ice cream van and public toilets.  You can also access the beach from Brook Chine Carpark and Compton Chine Farm Carpark.   

 Compton is beautifully remote, and at low tide, the perfect place for a beach walk.  Up to as many as 20 different species of dinosaur remains have been found, around this area of  coastline, stretching from Atherfield to Compton.  Why not go exploring and if you look carefully, you might see some footprint shaped rocks or fossils, within the rocks.  The best way to appreciate the fossils, is to go on a guided walk and these usually start at Brook Beach.  To find out about walks happening, check the Dinosaur Expeditions website here.    

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