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The Isle of Wight Dog festival started life in 2017. We are a small team of slightly crazy dog people who had a few too many drinks one night back in 2017 and decided that the Island absolutely needed a dog festival. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into...
Fast forward a few months and we were organising our first event on the Isle of Wight, fully expecting only a handful of you and a smattering of doggos would attend.
Then a few thousand of you showed up!

Over the years we've helped over 45 charities through our festivals and fund raising. Knowing we help make a difference in the Island's dog community is what drives us to keep going, no matter how crazy it all gets!
In 2023 we moved the show to the IOW County Show Ground which set the scene perfectly for a big push to make the festival even bigger (well, at least make it suitable for all the people and pooches that turn up every year!), more fun and more exciting!
We have added extra rings, more classes, more food traders and more stalls, as well as lots of stuff for kids to do, camping and entertainment.

If you're ready for a weekend of doggie fun and excitement be sure not to miss the 2024 Isle of Wight Dog Festival!

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