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Seaview/Springvale beach won a Seaside Award in 2019, rated on categories such as water quality, amount of information given to visitors, facilities, safety and services.   It's famous for it's sailing and is also a great beach for water sports such as paddle boarding and windsurfing.  The water tends to be calm most the time and the beach is accessible all the way along.   

Not only is it a lovely place to visit in the summer, it also makes for a great place to have a winter walk too, as there is a big beach when the tide goes out, lots of rock pools and various things to look at including the cargo ships and cruise ships which often sail by.  The promenade runs all the way from Ryde to Seagrove Bay (past Seaview) which is great if you're looking for a buggy friendly walk.  

There are lots of places along the way to stop at for lunch including the Dell Cafe, the Boathouse pub, Seaview Hotel and Old Fort Pub.  All have fantastic views out to sea.   


- Parking can be limited in Seaview in peak season but there is some free on road as you drive in from the Puckpool end

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